Aaron Tabackman

Aaron Tabackman

  • Certified New York Guide

  • Member of: The Guides' Association of New York City (GANYC)

  • Languages: English

Hello! My name is Aaron Tabackman. I have been giving tours of New York City for over twelve years, nine of them as a licensed Sightseeing Guide of New York City.

New York City is a huge metropolis; thus one must take a careful approach to guide guests in the Big Apple. It helps to specialize in something. So four years ago I created Urban Village Tours and decided to focus on pub crawls. Not your ordinary, drink and get drunk pub crawls that get everyone's attention. No these would be pub crawls with more of an educational twist. I would explore some historical era and talk about that in the bars I would be bringing groups to. And so the Prohibition Pub Crawl would be born.

I started with one tour that would go into the East Village and the Lower East Side. Well, that goes to be too long distance-wise, and thus I divided the tours in half, and it worked perfectly. Slowly but surely I would learn that I could visit three or four bars in three hours walking anywhere from one mile to two miles in distance. Then I just had to find bars that would assist me in what I wanted to accomplish. Former speakeasies from the '20s or hidden bars that could easily mimic what the '20s were like.

Fortunately, in a city that has about 10,000 bars, I would be in luck. I would find my bars and map out my route for the tours. Two tours would grow to three, then four and then eventually five as I would create the West Village Prohibition Pub Crawl, the Gangster Mob Prohibition Pub Crawl in historic Little Italy, and finally the Broadway Prohibition Pub Crawl in Midtown. I feel as if I offer these five tours to allow for some variety and they have a symbiotic relationship with one another.

But I wouldn't stop there with the pub crawls. I wanted to offer a pub crawl in Times Square. Unfortunately, there wasn't too much Prohibition history in Times Square that I could research. So I decided to do a ghost tour pub crawl, and so Urban Village Tours Ghost Pub Crawls were born.

I did the research and came up with a route and it worked! We visit three bars and walk about 1.5 miles on the tour. I didn't stop there. I added three more tours of what is the spookiest part of town--Greenwich Village. So I created what ultimately would be called the East Village Gangster Ghost Pub Crawl, the West Village Ghost Pub Crawl and the Edgar Allan Poe Pub Crawl taking place near the old haunts of America's greatest poet--and ghost.

I wasn't done yet. Since I started giving tours twelve years ago I started giving pedicab tours of Central Park. So the park has deep symbolic meaning for me as my first attraction I studied to provide a tour. So I had to include it within my roster of pub crawls. But was it possible? Well, everyone knows about the famous Tavern on the Green restaurant in Central Park. They recently re-opened under new management and gave the nationally famous restaurant a modern makeover. I would have to research if there were other places to drink in the park. Indeed there would be. The Loeb Boathouse restaurant and Le Pain Quotidien would round out the places to stop.

I have more than just a love for food and drinks. I enjoy reading (especially about New York City history), I play tennis (4.0 intermediate), poker, Scrabble and I do love to cook. I am also a professional actor and comic and perform comedy improv weekly and am developing a standup routine. I originally am from Connecticut and have lived in New York City the last fifteen years of my life, moving to the Big Apple in August of 2004. I am passionate about my hometown. Take one of my tours, and I hope to pass that passion and love for New York to you.

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