Bruno Pinto Elias

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  • Certified Rio de Janeiro Guide

  • Certified by: Cadastur - Ministério Do Turismo

  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

I've been working as a local tour guide for eight years and "Keep Biking" is my mantra! I even have it tattooed on my calves. Guiding bike tours is my primary specialty.

Wherever I travel, biking around is always my first choice of interacting with a city as one can cover more ground. Being able to do that in my hometown is what I'm passionate about.

The benefits of cycling are almost endless. There is something inexplicably thrilling about using a bicycle to explore a strange new city, its streets pulsating with life. The glass and steel of buildings shimmer with a certain magic, street life seems more vibrant and the smell and sound of a metropolis at full tilt threaten to overwhelm your senses.

When you're on a bicycle, you can't help but feel completely alive and immersed at the moment. Instead of merely gazing passively through window glass, you experience and interact with a place immediately.

On a bike, you're privy to the slight inclines of city streets, you can smell restaurants before you see them, and you can hear the different languages that are spoken in different neighborhoods.

Cities provide fascinating opportunities to explore new cultures and ideas, and what better way to make these discoveries than by bicycle?

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