Jane Isabella Engelund

Jane Isabella Engelund

  • Certified Copenhagen Guide

  • Member of: Association of Authorized Tourist Guides (Turistførerforeningen)

  • Languages: English, Danish

My name is Jane Isabella Engelund. I retired in 2016 after 20 years of employment at the University of Copenhagen. Then I completed the Diploma education as a tourist guide at Roskilde University. I have a solid knowledge of Denmark's history through the last 1,000 years, and I am also familiar with some of Britain's history so that comparisons could be made between the two.

I have lived in Copenhagen since 1970 and has experienced the city's changes through 48 years. In Copenhagen, walks are offered in different areas of the city. Either a classic walk, where you pass the city's castles and sights or a specially designed trip according to your wishes. Perhaps you want to take a tour in Hans Christian Andersen's footsteps? Alternatively, get to know the kings' history by visiting the city's castles: Rosenborg or the Royal Representative chambers at Christiansborg. Maybe you want a guided tour in the Tivoli, founded in 1843 In Copenhagen. It is possible to follow a temporal development from the 1600s until today's Copenhagen, both historically and architecturally.

As a narrator, I emphasize an understanding of the conditions for historical development, both the history of the kings and the population, but the facts will be spiked with funny anecdotes.

If you want a visit outside Copenhagen, a guided trip to the castles North Zealand is recommended; Frederiksborg or Kronborg, they are known from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Or we could make a trip to Roskilde, one of Denmark's oldest cities, where you can experience the old medieval cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum. The distances to these destinations are approximately forty kilometers and can be reached by public transport, or we can arrange a car.

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