Katreya Somerville

Katreya Somerville

  • London Blue Badge Guide

  • Member of: The British Guild of Tourist Guides

  • Certified by: Institute of Tourist Guiding

  • Languages: English

You’ve arrived in London and are excited. But then the questions come; Will I get to see it all? What to see? Where to start? It can be overwhelming. As a trained London Blue Badge Tourist Guide, this is where I come in.

London has a myriad of things on offer. As a guide, I enable my clients to see as much as possible in the given time. Perhaps you want an overview of London? Or ‘do’ London in a day? Visit museums and galleries? Or go off the beaten track? I can help you maximize your time however you wish to spend it.

Don’t waste hours checking the internet for opening and closing time. Don’t worry about missing something unmissable. Don’t trail around with boring audio-machines. My tours are customized to suit you. Are you a fast walker who want to soak up as much history as possible? Or do you want to take it more slowly, absorbing the atmosphere? Shall I shape the tour for your kids - just at their level? London has an incredible history, ancient traditions, and eccentricities. It’s also a living city with a fast heartbeat. I am part of that, and I want to share it with you.

Yes, I love this city. My working life has had many different strands. Before training as a guide 15 years ago, my jobs have included being an English teacher, magazine editor, and aromatherapist, but being a tourist guide is for sure my favorite one!

I have an easy guiding style. Sure, you’ll get plenty of facts. But they’ll be wrapped up in stories. Sometimes funny, tragic, quirky, or (almost) unbelievable. I believe that these will form part of your lasting memories of London.

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