Stan O'Connor

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  • Certified New York Guide

  • Member of: The Guides' Association of New York City (GANYC)

  • Languages: English

Over 20 years of experience showing the best that New York City has to offer!

Research and legwork are what make my tours so entertaining and satisfying. I walk my routes regularly to see what's new, and what has disappeared. The results are worked into my next tour, to do the best I can for you, the customer.

"Listen to the customer, for he is always right." - John Wanamaker.

My background is in journalism, history, technology and engineering. I love showing examples of old technology on tours. Demonstrating progress and innovation are great ways to intrigue the mind. It makes the tour that much more fun!

Movies and TV endlessly fascinate me. Not only do I mention film scene locations, but I also do tours about movies, TV and even comic books. (After all, most superheroes are New Yorkers.)

I'm from rural upstate New York. Moved down here in the early 1980s and found myself struck by all the buildings, infrastructure and history to be found here. My wife and I live in Inwood, the upper Manhattan district where very few tourists go. It's so beautiful up here!

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