On this classical walking tour, we will give you a great introduction to our beloved city.

Listen to the riveting stories of the must-see highlights like the Royal Palace Amalienborg, Castle Island, and New Harbour.

The oldest Kingdom in the world
How does a constitutional monarchy work? Why is the Queen so popular? Get familiar with our Royal Family as you listen to passionate love stories and royal scandals back in the days. The perfect place to tell these stories is at Amalienborg castle where you will see the royal guards.

The Island of Power
Christiansborg Palace - home to the Danish Parliament - used to be the residence of the Royals. Ever since Bishop Absalon built his Castle on Castle Island, and founded the city of Copenhagen, this island has been the epicenter of power in Denmark for more than 800 years. We will take you through the historical change of rule and show the well-hidden Library garden inside the courtyard of the Parliament.

A livable City
Join us down the cobblestoned streets, and we will show hidden gems and backyards in the oldest part of town. Explore why Copenhagen is one of the coolest and livable cities in Northern Europe, and get some fun facts and anecdotes of green everyday life with sustainable initiatives and cycle culture.

“Hygge”, Danish pastry and organic hotdogs
Hygge is directly translated into “coziness”. We will explain the Scandinavian concept and show you good places to experience our “hygge”. On this tour, we will also show you the places to go for New Nordic dining, great organic hotdogs and Danish pastry.


Your Private Guide:

Copenhagen This Way

Copenhagen This Way

Certified Copenhagen Guides

Member of: Turistførerforeningen, Danish Association of Authorised Tourist Guides 

In 2015 the 4 of us Sara, Iben, Mette and Tanja met at Roskilde University (RUC) where we completed our guide education. Very quickly we realized, we had one thing in common: the passion for telling good stories to others. We set up our own business, and began designing our own tours and explore the untold stories Copenhagen is so full of. Today we are busy showing both locals, as well as tourists, the many places the city offers, and it inspires us to keep coming up with new ideas for new tours and fun stuff to do while in Copenhagen.

Meet the 4 guides of Copenhagen this Way:

SARA: I have been a teacher for more than ten years, but in 2012 my family and I had the opportunity to spend two years in the USA. That was an excellent experience for all of us, and I liked embracing and learning about another culture. So much that when we returned, I knew it was time to change career path! The last three years of guiding have been the most hectic and fun time I have had in my life. It gives me the opportunity to tell tourists about my culture and history, and I get to know their culture a little bit better – so all in all a win/win situation have a soft spot for castles and the Royal Family and I love telling their story and the paradox of being an old-fashioned monarchy in a modern democracy.

METTE: I have a masters degree in History and Communication, it is probably fair to say I have a genuine interest in telling you about our history. I live in Copenhagen and know the city as my own pocket. Copenhagen is full of exciting, dramatic and passionate history. I cannot wait to tell you the stories and show you the colors of Copenhagen. My goal is to give you a personal experience of Danish history, culture, and food tasting during your stay in Copenhagen.

IBEN: As a journalist for many years, I have had the pleasure of writing about Copenhagen and all the different trends happening. When the New Nordic Cuisine began 15 years ago, I was so lucky to be involved in writing about the ideas behind the movement. Now I have taken my knowledge one step further and have combined my journalistic experience with guiding tours around the city. My interest is still very much about food and how it plays an essential role in our history and culture, but I also like showing you how the Copenhageners enjoy outdoor life wrapped in a blanket at an outdoor cafe sipping coffee while they ” Hygge.”

TANJA: From the age of 11, my biggest dream was to go out and explore the world. So I have worked as a flight attendant for 20 years and still enjoy flying off to exotic destinations! When I am home in Copenhagen, I like spending time with my family. We will go cycling around the city, and maybe stop for ice cream in one of the many green parks, or take a swim in the harbor on a warm day. I will show you my favorite places and provide cool tips on how to get to know the city and its cool hideouts. Let me take you on a walk along the harbor & canals, or join me on a historical journey back to an era where Kings and Queens influenced time. Come on a tour and hear about some of the people who lived here and left their footprint on Danish history.