If you have any questions which is not answered here, you are welcome to contact us at any time at guide@liveinternational.net 

Do I need to hold an official certification to be approved as a guide?
Yes, you need to hold an active certification from the official guide association in your region.

What are the terms and conditions for me as a tourist guide?
It is required that you read and agree to the terms and conditions of Live. Here you will find answers to questions about tax, liability, etc.

What is the revenue split between me and Live?
You receive 80% of the total transaction amount. Live receive a 20% commission.

What does Live’s 20% commission cover?
Live’s commission covers marketing, advertising and operational costs, as well as a safe payment solution and all transactional costs. It also covers research and development, and server lease.

How will I receive my payments?
Live will deposit your payments directly to your bank account every 14 days. The amount is based on accumulated revenue from the previous 14 days, with a 20% deduction of the total, which is Live’s commission.

Where do I submit my bank details?
Your bank details is easily submitted through the app.

Who covers the transactional fee, wire transfer of my payment?
Live covers the transactional fee, wire transfer to your account.

What is the cancellation policy?
Live has a 48 hours cancellation policy. The client will be charged 100% of the total amount on all cancellations that occurs within 48 before the tours starts.

Is there any cost related to offering my service as a guide in Live?
No, there is no cost related to register and offer experiences in Live. When you sell an experience, Live will take a 20% commission from the total transaction amount.

Do I have to maintain my schedule/calendar in the Live app?
Yes, your calendar and availability is easy to maintain in the app.

Is there a minimum of tours I need to upload?
Yes, we would like you to upload at least three tours.

Should I provide photos for my tours?
Yes, you must provide us with authentic photos of your tours.

Do I have access to any support as a guide?
Live wants to give the best possible support to our guides, and you will have dedicated guide support via our web and mobile platform. You can send your support request from email to support@liveinternational.net or use the “contact us” option from within the app. For questions regarding your profile or experiences you can send your questions to guide@liveinternational.net

Is it possible to communicate with the client via the Live app?
Yes, but the client can only contact you after they have booked a tour. The “chat-bubble”-icon is Live’s message system where you can keep track of your conversations with clients.

How do I remove a picture from a tour listing?
You can remove a picture by pushing the "Heart" on the bottom of the app, then you will see your experiences. You can then select the experience you need to edit, and it will show. Here you can delete the picture – and save with the "update experience"-button on the bottom of the page.

If I offer an experience with a price that includes a 3rd party supplier (chauffeur service, museum tickets), can I include this in the experience price?
Yes, you are able to include this in the price. Selected experience offerings may include 3rd party offerings, like museum tickets or car service. In order for you as a guide to not lose revenue given Live’s 20% commission, we urge you to add 20% to these services so that your revenue will be the same. Live is developing a solution to handle this process easier shortly.

Should I include taxes in my prices?
If the country you work in require you to pay taxes for your services you should include your tax-costs in your price of the tour. Live’s Terms & Conditions specify that this is each experience provider/tourist guides sole responsibility.

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