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Providing our users with the utmost professional service and unparalleled knowledge, Live rely on nothing but the upper echelon of private guided tours. That is why we only enlist certified Blue Badge Guides for all our UK tours – guaranteeing the most entertaining and informative way possible to experience your travel destination in Britain.

The Blue Badge can only be obtained following extensive training and rigorous examination and is recognised internationally as the highest bar of qualification of excellence in site and heritage interpretation. Not just focusing on great knowledge within specialised fields, but also on providing guests with a friendly and highly charismatic guide. The trainee's study for up to two years at a university level, taking a comprehensive series of written and practical exams which qualify them to become Blue Badge Tourist Guides.

On this page we present a selection of our private tours and guides available in London. To access all of them, and to book your private guide – download the app: Live – Private Guided Tours.

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