British Museum Private Tour

Situated in the heart of literary Bloomsbury the British Museum is the oldest museum in the world dedicated to human history and culture.

I think of it as a treasure chest to delve into, but with more than 90 galleries and over 60,000 exhibits on display (out of the collection of 8 Million), it can be daunting for the first-time visitor.

The museum has always offered free access to the public, originally stating that it was for the “curious and studious”. My 2-hour tour ensures that you will enjoy all the highlights accompanied by the stories behind the objects.

Our tour will begin in the architecturally spectacular Queen Elizabeth the Second Great Hall and then move to the Enlightenment Gallery to learn about the Museum’s origin in 1753, The legacy of one man, Sir Hans Sloane, whose collection of curios formed the foundation of the Museum.

During our tour I will introduce you to fascinating objects whose stories reveal tantalizing glimpses of former civilizations, whether it is the Rosetta Stone (a tablet whose scripts led to a famous race to decipher them in order to be able to read Egyptian hieroglyphs), the remnants of the Anglo Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo or indeed the intricate stone friezes depicting the lion hunts of the 6th century BC Assyrian king Ashurbanipal.

We shall see marbles, mummies, mythological creatures and murder victims. We will learn about the lives of the people from ancient civilizations, their battles, their games, their food and drink and also their deaths. It is called the British Museum. Yes, it does include British artefacts, but it is a truly international museum, representing all civilizations, and I look forward to be your guide!

British Museum