A Walk Through History

  • Art & Museums, Culture & History

  • 2750 NOK - Private Group Price

  • 3 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Helene de Mora

  • Guide Language: English, French & Norwegian


To get up at sunrise, working hard all day long on the fields until sunset, eating the same food every day and going to church every Sunday, generation after generation. Seems boring? Trust me; it was not!

Norway is a long rocky country, with steep mountains, narrow valleys, and deep fjords. The winters are cold, the summers are short, and people are used to working hard to get what they need; a roof over their head and food on the table. For centuries things have hardly changed, tools have been passed on from parents to children, and building techniques have evolved slowly.

But little by little things started to change; better techniques to work the land, and improved ways to build houses came along. Children were sent to schools, and some lucky ones got to go to universities in Copenhagen, Denmark.

From burning cairns to amazing lighthouses to save fishers from wrecking their ships. From spending 3,5 days being seasick on a boat from Bergen to Oslo, to spending 15 hours safely across the mountains on a train. And so many more stories to tell! In the open-air museum, you will get to know so many secrets about the Norwegian way of life since the 16th century until the present time. Come with me!

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