All of Denmark in One Place

  • History, Architecture

  • 2500 DKK - Private Group Price

  • 3 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Anne Holst Thorsner

  • Guide Language: English


This visit will explore the very varied building styles of especially 1700th and 1800th century Denmark, delving into geography, trade, living conditions, class, wealth and poverty of the past centuries. All with a slight view of how this has provided the cultural roots, norms, and values which the present Danes builds their society.

Buildings from all over Denmark including past areas such as the southern Swedish, spanning a four hundred year period, have meticulously been dismantled at their original sites and reassembled here to form a museum of houses. Farmsteads - big and small, a paupers house, a sailors house, a miller and a smithy are among the homes we visit.

If you have Danish ancestors and want to see houses from the region they originate from, do let me know, and I will try to incorporate it into our visits.

Read more about your guide: Anne Holst Thorsner

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