Copenhagen highlights with a twist

  • History, Culture, Walking Tour

  • 2699 DKK - Private Group Price

  • 2,5 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Copenhagen This Way

  • Guide Languages: English, Danish


On this classical walking tour, we will give you a great introduction to our beloved city! Listen to the riveting stories of the must-see highlights like the Royal Palace Amalienborg, Castle Island, and New Harbour.

The oldest Kingdom in the world
How does a constitutional monarchy work? Why is the Queen so popular? Get familiar with our Royal Family as you listen to passionate love stories and royal scandals back in the days. The perfect place to tell these stories is at Amalienborg castle where you will see the royal guards.

The Island of Power
Christiansborg Palace - home to the Danish Parliament - used to be the residence of the Royals. Ever since Bishop Absalon built his Castle on Castle Island, and founded the city of Copenhagen, this island has been the epicenter of power in Denmark for more than 800 years. We will take you through the historical change of rule and show the well-hidden Library garden inside the courtyard of the Parliament.

A livable City
Join us down the cobblestoned streets, and we will show hidden gems and backyards in the oldest part of town. Explore why Copenhagen is one of the coolest and livable cities in Northern Europe, and get some fun facts and anecdotes of green everyday life with sustainable initiatives and cycle culture.

“Hygge” and organic hotdogs
Hygge is directly translated into “coziness.” We will explain the Scandinavian concept and show you the right places to experience our “hygge.” On this tour, we will also show you the places to go for New Nordic dining to great organic hotdogs and Danish pastry.

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