Hans Christian Andersen's Copenhagen

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Do you know a fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen? On this tour, we will follow in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen's in Copenhagen. We will hear about his life and see the castles and the buildings that inspired some of his tales.

Hans Christian Andersen grew up in Odense as the son of a poor washing woman, but he came to Copenhagen in 1819, only 14 years old, where he initially wanted a theater career. The 19th century was a class society with great social contrasts between rich and poor. The conditions for the poor were terrible. Therefore, it is quite impressive that the poor, keen Hans Christian Andersen managed to connect with families, in both the better citizenship as well as the theater world.

Hans Christian Andersen tried being a singer and a ballet dancer as well as a theater manuscript writer. In vain, but the bourgeoisie found him talented and paid for his education. When Hans Christian Andersen succeeded with his fairytales, he seriously made an ascension to the best circles, as described in "The Ugly Duckling."

On our tour through Copenhagen, we shall pass the castles and buildings that inspired Hans Christian Andersen. Kings, Emperors, Princes, and Princesses appear throughout the fairy tales so our tour will start at the old renaissance Castle: Rosenborg, which gave inspiration to:" The Swineherd."

We will follow the route through the Latin Quarter, where Hans Christian Andersen met the sons of the upper class. In "Clumsy Hans," we do learn something about this relationship. We also make our way past the Round Tower and the Copenhagen Courthouse, buildings, which inspired "The Tinder Box." Along the way, we will hear something about the social conditions in the 19th century, illustrated by the fairytale: "The Little Match Girl."

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