Hike Through Danish UNESCO World Heritage

  • Walking tours, Sport, History

  • 2700 DKK - Private Group Tour

  • 3 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Bente Hoffmann

  • Guide Languages: English, Danish


Do like the Copenhageners: Leave the busy city and enjoy the old royal forest, The Deer Park. At this light hike, you will experience a 350 years old par force hunting landscape and all its stories.

The Deer Park (Jægersborg Dyrehave) is part of one of Denmark's 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites: The par force hunting landscape in North Zealand. It was set 350 years ago by a powerful and absolute Danish king who had a passion for hunting.

The Deer Park is only 10 km/6.2 miles from Copenhagen city center, but more than 2,000 wild deer live here. As we hike through the old paths and glades you will get a unique chance to look lots of deer in the eyes and you will have plenty of time to photograph the deer.

In the center of the well-tended forest a beautiful Baroque hunting lodge thrones on a small hill, we will take a break next to it and enjoy a snack (included). Later we visit Dyrehavsbakken, the world's oldest still-existing amusement park.

During the hike, you will experience fragments of Denmark's history close up; see burial mounds; hear about a buried treasure; a duel over offended honor; and a lot more. I will show you places and tell you stories about The Deer Park that even many Danes do not know.

This light hike is your opportunity to experience a UNESCO World Heritage site and exercise, relax and recharge in nature close to Copenhagen.

Read more about your guide: Bente Hoffmann

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