Maritime Copenhagen from a historical perspective

  • History, Culture, Walking tours

  • 350 DKK - Per Person

  • 3 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Catherine Schlicht-Bang

  • Guide Languages: Danish, English


Copenhagen has a rich maritime history, and we will walk through various areas where we can experience and focus on the highlights such as the commercial, war and emigration of the Danes; the period from 1660-1860.

Points of interest will be the actual warehouses where merchandise was stored, buildings sabotaged in WWII, giant statues of Black Slave Queen. We will also get to see iconic Copenhagen places like Amalienborg Castle (and museum), The Citadel, Gefion Fountain and the latest in sustainable efforts of urban renovation and building techniques. We can see the locals in varying locations and get to know what the Hygge lifestyle looks like; and why does it even exist? I believe it is older than many people think! A short bus trip included.

We start at the statue of Ivar Huitefeldt, move on to King Frederik IX, Gerfion statue and then Churchill park at the Citadel. We move on to the HQ of APMøeller-Mærsk, the worlds largest shipping company. Then, on to the Wharehouse district of the 1700s which house the goods that made Denmark enormously wealthy. After that, we are confronted with slavery and how Denmark was responsible for it and why! There is a huge statue which begs our attention.

Next, we stroll along the waterfront enjoying the beautiful view, including the iconic Danish National Opera house, moving on to the Queen's castle Amalienborg in Frederikstadt. We hear about the utopian vision of Moltke in mid-1700s after already 300 years of Oldenburg House rule. We visit the palace of Christian the VIII (permanent and temporary exhibitions). If we are lucky, we may see the changing of the Queen's guards!

Then we continue to the plaza of Saint Annæ. Here we can see many impressive statues and the military Garrison church, now the Queen's parish church. We can walk or take the bus to the new area called Nordhavn. Here are many fantastic highlights, including were over 300,000 Danes emigrated to the US. A building bombed by freedom fighters in WWII occupation.

We will see the UN City complex with the representation of over 11 different divisions, including UNICEF HQ and WHO European HQ. Most of the new buildings out here are award-winning either for their design, sustainability profile, or both! We can also note the outer part of Copenhagen harbor where we can see the three fortifications at the mouth of the harbor. Back along the coast, we make our way through Langelinie where we see more over the historical sipping port and the Little Mermaid, finishing up where we started. If you wish to end at Nordhavn to make a cruise ship, it is perfectly okay!

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