Visit the Old Renaissance Castle: Rosenborg

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The castle is part of Denmark's cultural heritage. Christian the 4th built it in 1606, but today it's a museum that contains the kings' private collections through 300 years. Experience the pompous halls and living rooms with the kings' beautiful old furniture, artifacts, tapestries, and suits. Come and join the treasury and see the royal crowns and crown jewels, which our current Queen Margrethe the 2nd still uses at state events.

When Christian 4th became king of Denmark in 1596, the country was still a medieval society. After a visit to London with his sister, Anne, who was married to James the 1st, he was inspired by both the cultural life as well as English productivity. He decided to lead Denmark into the age of the Renaissance. Christian the 4th was innovative and productive. He supported science and commerce, set up factories and set up many construction projects across the country. As a warrior, he expanded the Danish Navy and, of course, participated in acts of war himself.

Copenhagen was expanded, and several buildings rose, among others; his favorite castle Rosenborg. He worked there, had great, pompous parties there, and even his love life flourished there for the woman, Kirsten Munk, with whom he had 12 children. One of the daughters, Leonora Christina, had significant conflicts with a subsequent queen and was jailed for 22 years. On this tour, you will get to know more in-depth about the tales of these court intrigues.

During the tour, we will have a walk in the beautifully landscaped garden. Initially, it was the king's garden, and besides being an ornamental garden, it provided the court with both vegetables and flowers. Today the garden is public and is used by the Copenhageners.

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