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On the top of the royal stable at Christiansborg, we find this authentic old theater museum, which through the 18th and 19th century has formed a framework for many court intrigues, dramas, and royal love stories.

The theater is an architectural pearl and was originally built by Christian the 7th, who wanted his very own theater where he could perform French comedies and masquerade. In a political alliance, Christian the 7th married Princess Caroline Mathilde of Britain. However, Christian the 7th was creasy and childish, and Caroline Matilde fell instead in love with Dr. Struense. The affair ended tragically. Caroline Matilde and Dr. Struense were arrested in Hofteatret in 1772. Struense was executed, and Caroline Mathilde was expelled to Germany, where she died in 1775, at the age of 23.

Two later kings also set their marks on the theater. Christian the 8th loved the opera and invited several Italian groups to perform, while Frederik the 7th used the theater as a private place, where he could enjoy life with his wife, Countess Danner, who was despised by the better citizenship in Copenhagen because she came from poor conditions. Later in life, she helped many poor women.

On stage, many culture's personalities have appeared. The ballet master August Bourneville performed at this stage at the age of 8, and Hans Christian Andersen got ballet and singing classes here before he gave up his theater dreams and became an author. The star of the time was Louise Heiberg. She started as a ballet dancer but ended up being the leading actor of the time. Today the theater museum provides information about Danish theater and performing arts, but the place is still in use and can be rented out for concerts, lectures, and plays.

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