A walk through the wealthiest square mile on earth

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The City of London is the most ancient quarter of London, with a history extending back nearly 2000 years as a Roman settlement. Today it is one of the world’s great financial and business centers and the wealthiest Square Mile on the face of the Earth! Amid change, the City has remained – distinct, unique, and fascinating.

The City of London, also known as the Square Mile, combines its ancient traditions and ceremonial functions with the role of a modern and efficient local authority, looking after the needs of its residents, businesses, visitors and over 320,000 people who come to work in the area every day.

Among local authorities, the City of London is unique; not only is the oldest in the country and the longest established democratic institution in the world but also operates on a non-party political basis. It has its police force, it has its own Lord Mayor, it runs the country’s Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey), and it has its government.

Founded in AD 43 by the Romans, it has long since outgrown its Roman wall. While Greater London extends over a massive area of 600 square miles; the City is approximately one square mile in size.

This walk encompasses some of the leading visitor attractions in the Square Mile, but we will also explore the lesser known attractions and some places of interest on the way. We will see both the well-known and well-trodden tourist sites but also venture into a more secretive world of quaint old streets, elegant houses, and tucked away historical buildings. We will explore a hidden Roman amphitheater, marvel at the only Baroque Cathedral in the country and step back in time at the mighty Tower.

You will be finding out about some of the people, institutions and events and which have shaped the City, discovering dramatic architecture – both ancient and modern, hearing tales of celebration and even catastrophe and uncovering some hidden places and surprising stories.

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