Churchill’s Westminster

  • Historical, Cultural, Walking Tour

  • 230 EUR – Private Group Price

  • 2,5 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Ingrid M. Wallenborg

  • Guide Language: English

Winston Churchill

This walking tour takes you on an anecdote-filled stroll past well-known and hidden away sites linked to the famous Prime Minister and war time leader.

Churchill was obviously a huge personality with many great quotes. A man of enormous significance. However, many people have a slightly one-sided view of him. Indeed, some of his statements would now be very politically uncomfortable. I hope to convey a more balanced picture with my tour, as well as telling a good story. With Churchill, that’s naturally very easy.

The route takes you via St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey and the Houses Parliament to the War Office, Horse Guards and St James's via Pall Mall. Churchill's career was long and adventurous and you will hear of his ‘politically incorrect’ views and aspects of his life sometimes overlooked. A father, painter, writer and lover of champagne, his was a life of great challenges and this tour includes both sharp quotes and spy connections!

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