London’s East End – Spitalfields and Whitechapel

  • Historical, Art, Culture, Gastronomy, Fashion, Walking tour

  • 195 GBP - Private Group Price

  • 2 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Mark King

  • Guide Language: English


Welcome to the capital’s historic multicultural melting-pot!

This vibrant district outside the long-vanished Roman city walls - immediately to the east of today’s thrusting global financial and business centre, the City of London – has been settled and shaped by a whole world of ‘new Londoners’ since medieval times.

Our tour will explore their legacy and influence on modern London. Our encounters will include monks, merchants, missionaries, French Huguenot Protestants, Irish Catholics, Eastern European Jews and Muslims from the Indian sub-continent and East Africa.

From oxtail soup to bagels (or beigels), from canaries to curry, from bricks to silk brocade dresses and suits, from chocolate to cereal this will be an East End experience appealing to every taste!

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