Royalty and Power, a journey of 1,000 years

  • History, Art, Culture, Walking tour, Architecture

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  • 4 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Vania Gay

  • Guide Language: English and Portuguese


It is impossible not to be dazzled by the splendid buildings that amaze first-time visitors to the City of Westminster, from the most famous clock in the world to the church where the kings and queens are crowned. But beyond the famous sites, there is a hidden world to be discovered.

The City of Westminster is at the heart of political power and Royalty in London. It is the home of the noble as well as the powerful. As we explore this unique area we will encounter what is on most visitors wishlist; the Houses of Parliament- one of the most majestic buildings in London, Buckingham Palace- the residence of the British monarchy when in London, Trafalgar Square- considered the center of the city, a place of celebrations and protests, and London’s version of Times Square; Piccadilly Circus.

However, there will be many surprises along the way. Beyond the well-known highlights of this area, we will discover the place where the great measure called ‘The Pint’ was established, the oldest Royal Park with its bird island, and the first “iron lady” in our history. On our path, we will find a place once used as a refuge for criminals and the very first red phone box.

You will uncover how this part of London became the home of Kings, Queens, modern government, entertainment, and luxury. It will be a journey through 1,000 years of history. We will end near one of the world’s greatest galleries and admire the view of one of London’s favorite squares.

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