Madrid with a local "gato"

  • Historical & Cultural Walking Tour

  • 230 EUR – Private Group Price

  • 4 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Ernesto Vidal

  • Guide Languages: English & Spanish


Join me and discover this remarkable city, you’ll love it!

Madrid boasts of culture, with top international museum and sights. We are very proud of our Art Walk. Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen, these three museums, located in less than a mile area, comprise all History of Art. Additionally, Madrid keeps charming old districts built during the different dynasties time. Austria and Bourbons neighborhoods represent the urban development of the city and the change of taste through the centuries. Impressive examples of architecture from XIV to XX century, from late gothic or Moorish style to art nouveau can be seen standing all over the old city.

But Madrid is also very well known for its particular vibe, very Spanish in a way and cosmopolitan too. A combination of very traditional old fashion shops, almost abandoned centenary professions live together, with very trendy bohemian neighbors where young Spanish artist amaze us. The whole city is full of stories and life, 24 hours!

We can plan our day together. You might prefer to combine a cultural visit to the Royal Palace or any museum, skipping the line of course, or a more local stroll off the beaten road to feel the local atmosphere of the city. It is entirely up to you. You tell me what you like, and we make a plan that suits you.

Read more about your guide: Ernesto Vidal

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