The Old City of Madrid

  • Culture, History, Walking Tour

  • 125 EUR – Private Group Price

  • 2 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Ines Muñiz

  • Guide Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Old city of Madrid walking tour with private guide

"The empire on which the sun never sets" is a phrase used to describe the Habsburg rule. In the 16th and 17th century Spain was ruled by the kings from the House of Habsburg. The Hapsburg King Philip II established the capital in Madrid in 1561 and is today a historical quarter in Madrid. The place is home to many old monuments dating all the way back to the Habsburg rule.

The old city of Madrid contains intriguing history, old narrow streets, cute antique shops and much more. Together we will discover how this place came to be and how it was a part of shaping the Madrid we know today.

Itinerary include but is not limited to: Oriente square, de la Villa square, plaza Mayor (main square) and Puerta del Sol.

Read more about your guide: Ines Muñiz

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