Toledo by Train: the City of Three Cultures

  • Historical & Cultural Walking Tour

  • 340 EUR – Private Group Price

  • 7 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Ernesto Vidal

  • Guide Languages: English & Spanish

Let´s take the high-speed train and enjoy the ancient city of Toledo. More than 2500 years old, Toletum became the melting pot for Muslims, Jewish and Christians. It is a must-see in Spain.

We can meet at Atocha Train station. I recommend that we take the 8’50AM train. This is a great time to get early to Toledo and then jump into a taxi (max four passengers) to go to the hills and enjoy a spectacular lookout of the skyline of Toledo over the rocky outcrop.

The taxi can drop us off at San Martin Bridge. Our stroll will take us into a journey to the Middle Ages. The urban layout like a maze is the best heritage from those ancient times of Muslim ruling.

We will then visit the Cathedral, one of the largest in Spain. Its interior show us the wealth of the Toledo Bishop. You will see power and art in different styles from XIII to XVIII century. Also, we can visit a Caliphate mosque from the X century, turned into a Catholic temple.

We are proud to preserve one of the most significant and largest “aljama” or Jewish Neighborhoods in western Europe. We will visit two synagogues, where you can see masterpieces of Moorish art decoration for the Jewish temples.

In the end, we can try the local gastronomy, like its famous marzipan or game dishes. You will be astonished by its craft work with iron and gold or silver.

Read more about your guide: Ernesto Vidal

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