Gangster Mob Prohibition Pub Crawl

  • History, Gastronomy, Walking tours

  • 74 USD - Price Per Person

  • 3 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Aaron Tabackman

  • Guide Language: English

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Do you like drinking? Do you like history? How about combing the two and taking the Gangster Mob Prohibition Pub Crawl. Think of this as cocktails in the classroom type of thing. Make learning about Prohibition a whole lot of fun.

In 1920, the United States enforced the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which banned liquor production, public consumption and the selling of anything alcoholic. This catapulted the criminal world and helped the mob monopolize and grow their illegal business of alcohol. It made some of the most vicious gangsters gain fame and fortune. Illegal bars known as speakeasies opened by the thousands and served bootleg liquor to a thirsty public. As Al Capone said, "All I do is supply a public demand".

On this tour, you will walk in the footsteps of the Italian gangsters and visit some of the watering holes that served illegal liquor during Prohibition. There you can sip a craft cocktail served by some of the top bartenders in New York City.

While sipping on your now "legal" alcoholic beverage, you will hear stories of the Mafia and how it infiltrated into New York society. At the end of the tour, you will be a "wiseguy" about Prohibition and the Italian mob. Further, we will stop in for some of the best pizza in all of New York City. Alla salute!

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