Oslo: The Tiger City

  • Attractions, Culture & History

  • 2975 NOK - Private Group Price

  • 3,5 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Line Natten Espeland

  • Guide Language: English & Norwegian


We Norwegians call Oslo 'The Tiger City'. Wonder why? You will learn about this and much more on this walking tour. The tour starts in the heart of Oslo, before taking the tram up the hill to Ekeberg.

Oslo is a city of contrasts – an old town which is still going thru lots of changes. On this tour, you will see how the past meets the new and how the city meets nature. You will learn about the development of Oslo, from its origin days to present.

By the end of this tour, you will obtain a better understanding of Oslo, and I promise you will get many great photo opportunities!

The best way to see and experience the downtown area of Oslo is by walking. Meet me by the Tiger Statue in front of the Central Station where our walk starts, of course, after you learn why we call Oslo 'The Tiger City'.

We will do a little hike on our 'Iceberg – Shaped – Opera – House' before we continue to the Akershus Fortress dating back to the 1300s. Given its age, the Akershus Fortress is packed with stories about kings, about wars, about convicts and of course about ghosts.

Close by the Akershus Fortress is the main street in Oslo, Karl Johan street. No walking tour in Oslo is complete without visiting this street, so this is where we will go next. Here we will see our Parliament, The Royal Palace and our City Hall.

When you have gotten a feel for the downtown area, after about 2,5 hours, we will take the tram up the hill to Ekeberg. In this area, we find the oldest settlements in Oslo. You might wonder why the first inhabitants of Oslo settled on top of a hill, but the explanation is quite logical, I will tell you why.

The Ekeberg hill is also the location Edvard Munch was strolling around when he got the inspiration for his world-famous painting 'The Scream'.

Ekeberg is a great place to let all of your new-found knowledge sink in while admiring Oslo from a new angle. From here you can choose to travel back to the city centre with me or to stay behind. Here you can explore the Ekeberg Sculpture park on your own, or enjoy lunch with a magnificent view over Oslo, at the Ekeberg Restaurant.

As this is a private tour, I will adapt the pace and the number of sights according to your walking pace and preference.


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