Flamengo's Game at Maracanã Stadium

  • Culture, Sport

  • 80 USD - Price Per Person

  • 5 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Raul Melo

  • Guide languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

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Hello, and welcome to Rio de Janeiro! I invite you to get to know my passion: Football at Maracanã Stadium and Flamengo; Brazil's most famous football club.

First time I went to the stadium I was five years old, and I've never stopped attending. I've celebrated championships, I've cried for defeats and victories, and I've watched some of the greatest players in Brazil and the World.

I have made great friends who cheer for my team and also for the adversary team, after all - sport is peace. At Maracanã I have watched unknown people hug each other as relatives celebrating a goal at the last minute and witnessed parents celebrating the first championship with their young son.

There are many tours to watch football in the stadium. However, our idea is that you are a real fan meeting with friends before the departure for that "heating" in the bars around Maracanã.

We will enter well in advance to enjoy the fans singing the classic sambas, waving flags and waiting for the beginning of the game. I invite you to see all this with me. Let's go!

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