The Medieval Town of Oslo

  • Culture & History

  • 1700 NOK - Private Group Price

  • 2 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Søren Swensen

  • Guide Language: English & Norwegian


We will walk through the remains of the old medieval town, where churches and monasteries played essential roles in the then catholic country. We will get to know how people lived and how the history of Norway is closely linked to the history of Oslo.

In 1624, a great fire destroyed the medieval town of Oslo. The Danish king that ruled over Norway at that time decided not to rebuild the town of more than six hundred. Based on a long-standing risk assessment, the city was instead relocated under the protection from the cannons of the Akershus Fortress. While the new town was called Christiania, the old town slipped into oblivion. It was not until 200 hundred years later that it was re-discovered. Just like Pompeii, the old town was slowly excavated, and its ancient history revealed.

The walk in the medieval town will take us through 1.200 years of history, from early farming, through listening posts established by the Danes to obtain early warning of possible Viking attacks, to the establishment of a market place followed by a church being built. The church was later joined by more churches and several monasteries as well as a king's stronghold. In 1240 the longlasting civil war was ended with the battle of Oslo.

By the time the city was abandoned in 1624, it had been through many stages of development, only to end up in ashes.

I will be looking forward to sharing the history of Medieval Oslo with you.

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