Vikings & Polar Explorers

  • Culture & History

  • 3400 NOK - Private Group Price

  • 4 Hours Duration

  • Your Private Guide: Helene de Mora

  • Guide Language: English, French & Norwegian


We will take a 20 min bus ride from the city centre and visit the two most exciting museums in Oslo; the Viking Ship Museum and the Fram Museum

First stop is the Viking Ship Museum where 3 Viking ships have found their final rest. These ships, 1200 years old, have so many secrets which are revealed to us little by little. Where did the Vikings live? What were their ceremonies and their beliefs? Their everyday lives? How did they bring up their children?

I will tell you all this and more, probably things you might find quite surprising!

Our second stop is a short walk (900 meters) from the Vikings. We will visit the Fram museum: the polar ship that made it almost to the north pole and nearly reached the south pole.

Fram is a beautiful, solid polar ship constructed in such a way it could be trapped in the ice at the poles for years and still provide a secure shelter for the captain and his crews. I will tell you the true but quite unbelievable stories on how the crews survived and came home as heroes. You get to test out the cold room and of course to go onboard the ship and see how the crew lived.

And we will find time for a coffee so I can tell you more about Norway's maritime history and so you can ask all the questions you might have!.

Read more about your guide: Helene de Mora

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