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Potential customers need to get a good impression of who you are both as a person and a guide, as well as what they can expect from the tour itself. After all, they are investing money in an experience you provide – spending up to several hours in your company.

By writing an interesting and comprehensive description of yourself and the tours you offer, your mission is to achieve complete trust and attention, encouraging customers to proceed with the booking.

Write a personal summary of who you are, and imagine you are writing for your target audience. Please write in your primary guiding language.

  1. The text should minimum be between 1000 - 1500 characters (not words), including spaces. Use Word Count from the Word toolbar or similar.

  2. Start with a introductory text. This must not surpass 200 characters (including spaces). This text is important.

  3. Use these 200 characters to get the customers attention and make them want to keep on reading. Be specific.

  4. Creatively and appealingly, summarise what you have to offer as a guide.

  5. Then tell more in-depth about yourself, your interests and your background.

  6. When writing your description, envision what information is relevant to the customer. What does the customer want to know about you and your provided service, and what can they expect from you as a guide?

We advise that you write your profile bio in Word or a similar text editing tool, as you can save the document for later – before submitting your text using the form below.