Westminster Abbey is a very Royal church, standing close to the political base of the United Kingdom.

Thought to be so important by King Henry III that he rebuilt it in Gothic nearly 800 years ago. Here the coronations are held and many Kings and Queens are buried. Westminster Abbey is very old and has suffered from political and religious strife over the years. A little imagination is needed to see the place as it was.

I will help with vivid descriptions and explanations. Stories that will bring the place to life, accounts of grand ceremonies and nighttime theft. The day to day life of the monks who lived here and those who have claimed sanctuary. The magnificent craftsmanship on display is worthy of a close look. Learn the secrets and understand the experience needed to manufacture objects of such beauty.

Why was so much spent, what was the purpose and what does it mean are the sort of questions people wonder about. Who was King Edward the Confessor, why is King Edward V1 buried under the altar and how did they fit 8000 people in here for the Queen's Coronation. All this and a lot more will be answered.

The Abbey is a very large building filled with much of interest and there are more buildings, cloisters and gardens, not to mention a private school with 800 pupils and a choir school. The tour will be paced so that you will get the very best from your visit and cover everything.


Your Private Guide:

Hugh Burn

Hugh Burn

London Blue Badge Guide

Certified by: Institute of Tourist Guiding

Member of: The British Guild of Tourist Guides

As a Blue Badge Guide of 15 years, I am strongly motivated to be the best. The most important thing I feel is for everyone to have a really memorable, great experience.

I am immensely interested in history and the arts, on a fairly simple level, so leading guided tours around these historic places is a treat.

After school, I left Windsor to be a property developer in London. My love of history led me to do the City of London Guiding Course. This shared with my wish to work with people on holiday, drove me to work on the hop on/hop off buses.

Later I did the Blue Badge Course and set up my own company called Windsor Tours. Since then I have specialised in walking tours of Windsor and London. Walking in London is now much more practical than driving because the traffic moves so slowly.

I also do coach tours out of London though. Windsor, Stonehenge, Bath is a popular day trip, as is Warwick Castle, Stratford, Oxford.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling and sailing with my 2 early teenage sons.